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About Van Heemskerk Decor

We Design and Build Theming solutions for Themeparks, Rides, Resorts, Shows and Retail. 

Over the years, we have formed a strong foundation of diverse professionals within Themed Production. For example: Designers, vehicle design specialists, Engineers, Animatronic builders, sculptors, FRP-production, painters, set decorators and many more. This enables us to deliver turn-key projects with a wide need of disciplines and a maximised connection between design and production. In our experience, a lack of that connection is what causes discussions, cost issues and planning problems. By working in a group with like-minded experts, we are able to get the maximum out of our project and keep that inspirational fire crackling.



Sculpted Ornaments Pastry Stall - Efteling

Our Services

We are able to deliver Turn-key projects from design to installation and everything in between.



Our sculptures are mostly made out of high quality fibreglass, polyurethane or epoxy.


Show action equipment

Using motors, pneumatics and showcontrollers, we are able to bring our creations to life like no other.


We can deliver Design concepts and technical drawings for complete projects or various objects.


Concrete carving

Using concrete, we are able to create large rockworks, facades and objects on location.


Our Quality Guarantee

We can work with a wide range of materials depending on your needs. Including rubber parts for Animatronics and Fibreglass reinforced products for weight and durability. And in crystal clear resin for specialty projects. If necesary, we can even deliver objects with class 1 fire rating as defined by ASTM E84. 

We are very flexible and can deliver projects within a tight deadline, and are able to integrate frames, mechanical components, accesspanels and electrical equipment in our objects.

Create your dream.
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